For over 50 years, Agripolyane has been creating and manufacturing top quality films.Our know-how allows us to offer an extremely wide range of products which meet the specific needs of each business sector.

Agricultural films include greenhouse cover films (tunnel and multispan), mulching films, cattle shed films and silage films. These films are designed to help optimize the production of market gardening and horticultural crops by adapting not only to the type of crop, but also to the environmental conditions such as the local geography and climate of cultivation. This level of customization is possible thanks to our knowledge and expertise in the field of agronomics. Agripolyane is number one in France and one of the major European players in the domain of greenhouse films.

Film Effects

Greenhouse cover films have been studied to improve the yield of crops by optimizing light effects and temperature. This is why Agripolyane offers a range meeting your needs : thermal films, yellow or colorless films, crystal or diffusing…

Each film complies with the microclimatic demands of grown plants. Each percentage of light has an impact on the potential of the yield. The chosen film will optimize the development of the plant in a controlled and homogeneous way. The greenhouse film is a real help for your work thanks to its growth regulating effects. It also improves the health of the plant, helps control the schedule of harvests and enables energy savings.

With the insertion of micro-bubbles in the film, Agripolyane revolutionizes the long-life greenhouse cover film with the creation of Celloclim® by an innovating patented technology internationally recognized.

Thanks to this asset, Agripolyane develops films recognized in the agricultural sector : films dedicated to market gardening, flower-growing, berries, films resistant to pesticides…

We develop and produce our own additives in order to meet your needs thus providing a large range of effects. According to the type of crop, the climate of the localization and the type of greenhouse structure, Agripolyane can combine the different effects in order to provide solutions adapted to each need.