Cooling, diffusing & thermal greenhouse film


Celloclim® is a trademark of the patented roofing membrane from Agripolyane. The microbubbles ensure a cooling effect that results from the reflection and diffusion of light on and across the roofing membrane, and the short infrared absorption of the roofing membrane. This reduces the greenhouse effect. The result is lower water evaporation and better photosynthesis, which improves the quality and yield of the crop. EVA or Thermo mineral ensures high thermal efficiency. Reduce the loss of warmth from greenhouses into the air. During the day, the sun's rays (short infrared) enter the greenhouse and warm the internal air and soil. At night, when the greenhouse becomes colder, the heat stored in the soil is released by long infrared.

By spreading solar rays, a diffusing film is the best choice for crops sensible to direct light or high crops by avoiding shadows. Photosynthesis is optimized and burns are reduced, as well as phototropism. The film looks hazy but the PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) received by the plant remains the same. This film contains a UV stabilizers combination and antioxidants in order to protect it against solar radiations.

Celloclim roofing membrane significantly reduces the internal temperature of the greenhouse (from 3 to 12 ° C) compared to the curtain communication system.



This film has been especially developed for very sunny areas and can be adapted to every kind of structure. It is ideal for market gardening productions.Opitmal for high crops such as sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato,…