Anti - Drip

* Chức năng này không có sẵn trong các màng lợp đang được phân phối tại Việt Nam mà chỉ được bổ sung theo đơn đặt hàng của khách hàng

Condensation on the sides of the film has a significant impact on the crop:
Decrease of the light transmission by the reflection of the light through the drops,
Burns on the plant caused by the glass effect,
Sensitivity of some crops to the drops that fall.

We offer a range of anti-drip films that remove the drops by forming a layer of water which is drained off by streaming along the low side.

When correctly used, anti-drip films offer:
• A better light in the greenhouse,
• A better yield,
• An early harvest,
• A better quality of harvests so a better market value,
• A decrease of diseases,
• A reduction of the need of pesticides.

This effect can be added to most of our films. Agripolyane’s team is at the disposal of our customers to define the best anti-drip efficiency.

Important note: anti-drip films are mainly recommended in well ventilated or warmed greenhouses, with an adapted level of slope. The anti-drip effect can last up to 2 years because the additives migrate to the surface of the film and are slowly washed. In some circumstances, steam can be formed inside the greenhouse covered with anti-drip films. This steam, which generally appears at the first light or at the twilight, can be harmful for the plants. In this case, it is strongly recommended to ventilate or warm the greenhouse immediately to get rid of this steam. Because of the complex mechanism of the anti-drip effect and the fact that many parameters can affect it, Agripolyane does not guarantee the anti-drip effect and is not responsible for its quality and duration.