Celloclim® is a patented brand from Agripolyane. This unique 3-layer film, with micro-bubbles in the middle layer, offers the best thermal insulation during the night and has a cooling effect when days are warm.
Micro-bubbles ensure the cooling effect, which results from the reflection and the light diffusion on and through the film, and the absorption by the film of the short IR, thus reducing the “greenhouse effect”. The advantages are a reduction of water loss and a better photosynthesis, which increase quality and improve yields.

The consequence of this mechanism is a significant temperature decrease inside the greenhouse (from 3 to 12°C). Overshadowing effects are no longer necessary or their use is considerably reduced. From this cooling effect, a complete range of Celloclim® was created for flower-growing (Climarose®, Climawhite®, Climacolor®) and fruit and vegetables (Celloclim®, Deltaclim®, Hortyclim®).

Note: during winter, when nights are cold, the morning increase of temperature can be slowed down with cooling films compared to classic films.