At a Glance

A company which produces plastic films for the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors.

With a wealth of experience stretching over 50 years, Agripolyane offers the guarantee of quality recognized the world over. What are our major assets where clients are concerned? Our expertise, our aim to satisfy each client’s specific requirements.

And our constant preoccupation with self-improvement.

Our ISO 9001 version 2008 certification reflects our high standards of quality. With an extremely dense network of partners both in France and around the world (exports represent 50% of our activity), we guarantee an optimal distribution service for our plastic films.

Agripolyane also stands as an example of an environmentally responsible company. We actively participate in collecting and recycling plastic waste, in developing biodegradable and bio-sourced products and in producing renewable energy.

On this site, we invite you to discover the many advantages of our technology as well as the different activities for which our films are designed.